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From Instagram: Pig in Vaaaaaase!

A stuffed pig in a vase

That's it.

From Instagram: The Woodstock Fair

Image from Instagram of an antique horn on a truck.

When I was a kid, my parents never wanted to go to the Woodstock Fair. It was very crowded and large, so we would only go to the Brooklyn Fair in our hometown, the weekend before. It was more manageable for my parents, therefore it was the only one we would go to. So the Woodstock Fair was this mysterious, magical, and amazing place to go. (I was a kid, I didn't realize it was a slightly larger version of the Brooklyn Fair.)

The first time I went to the Woodstock Fair was when I was in high school, which was in the same town. My school had a couple booths, so I would go to visit my friends and wander. Looking back, it was rather lonely - I would wander around by myself and I never actually would walk with my friends.

After I met my now ex-wife, the Fair was a yearly event. It was much more fun, because I had someone to go with. Her mother lived in Woodstock, so we would all go. It was one of the few times I didn't feel like I was an outsider.

The fair had a whole new meaning when we started taking my son. His excitement for the animals, rides, and food made the fair look brand new. Sure, the dusty paths made by thousands of feet still existed, and I knew all of the shortcuts, but his wonder of it all was infectious.

I haven't gone back in years, that part of my life is in the past, but I have some fond memories.